Monday, April 7, 2014

How Much Oil?

Today in Discovery we wanted to see how much oil and fat was in the foods we ate today.

We placed different foods on our paper and labeled each one.

We let the food sit for a few minutes while we watched a movie called, "Eating Right."

Then, we took the food off the paper. When we held our papers up to the light we could see the fat and oil that was left behind!



Onion rings and blondies had the most fat.

Animal crackers and cheese were a better choice.


Friday, March 28, 2014

6E's African Houses

Yesterday in geography we made African houses.

First, we used a black crayon to draw the door.

Next, we cut a circle for the roof and cut a line to the middle. We folded one side on top of the other to make a point. Mrs. Miles stapled it together.

Then we used puddle glue to glue shredded paper on the roof to look like grass.

Finally, Mrs. Miles used a hot glue gun to attach the roof to the house.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Roll and Write a Story

This week students wrote stories based on this Roll and Write activity.

Students rolled a dice to find out their stories' main character, setting, and plot.

We used a story map to think about our story before we began writing.

Next, we used our story maps to write a story!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Bird Feeders

Today we met with our Fifth Grade buddies to make bird feeders. It is hard for animals to find food in the winter. Some animals hibernate and some migrate, but we wanted to make sure our bird friends who did not fly south had a tasty treat!

We used pinecones, string, sunbutter, and bird seed...

First, we tied a string around the pinecone...


Next, we spread sunbutter all over the pinecone...



Then dipped the pinecone in bird seed...


We hope the birds enjoy their treat!


Thank You

Over the summer I came across an article from Parent Magazine entitled, "25 Manners Every Kid Needs ." I decided to choose one manner to focus on each week.


This week's manner is "Be appreciative of any gift you receive. A handwritten thank you note is a nice gesture.


In response to this week's "Manner of the Week" each student chose someone to write a thank you card to for something the received over the holiday.

The students learned how address an envelope...


and we sent our cards off in the mail!



This week in reading we learned about describing word. The students used describing words to write riddles for their friends. First they chose an object to write about. Then, they wrote three clues to describe their object.


Can you solve the riddles?









Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Make Hot Coca

First, add cocoa mix to your mug...

Next, add water...

Stir, add marshmallows, and enjoy!